Ireland to Canada

Margaret has been singing for as long as she can remember. As the youngest of six siblings growing up in Scotland and then Ireland she was often pulled from behind the couch to sing with her sisters and brother at their various family gatherings. As reluctant as she may have seemed at the time it became obvious as she grew into a young woman that her ability to sing was not something that should be hidden.

In 1982 Margaret immigrated from Northern Ireland to Canada along with her mom and her fiance Richard (also from Northern Ireland) joined them a short time later. She and Richard were married in Cochrane, Alberta in April 1093. It wasn’t very long after arriving in Canada that both Margaret and her husband had life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ and after making a decision to give their lives to God’s plan and purpose for their lives, they began the adventure of faith that has shaped their life journey together ever since. The encounter with Christ and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit played a pivotal part in nurturing the gift of singing and increasing her confidence to follow the hopes and dreams that God had very obviously called her to pursue.

The birth of their two children, Christopher and Meagan in 1986 and 1988 respectfully, brought such joy and added a whole new dimension to Margaret’s life story as she discovered new and exciting ways to be fully present as a mom and a wife while continuing to embrace the call of God to the various ministry opportunities that came her way. The call to ministry involved a huge faith step in 1990 when Margaret stepped into a full-time ministry support role along side her husband Richard to plant a new church; Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in Calgary, AB.

As the fledgling church begun to form and grow, it soon became apparent that Margaret had great vision to build the worship ministry at the church and since those days it has become quite apparent that the vision has definitely been realized. From small beginnings, where it was Margaret on vocals and her husband on guitar, the worship team at Harvest CFC has been blessed and has prospered over the years. It’s been a privilege to see many musicians nurtured and developed over the years. Margaret’s vision is not just contained in the local church, she also finds great joy in taking worship teams to other churches, camps, conferences, prayer gatherings or wherever the invites come from