Onward and Upward

ladderOver the years I have always counted it an awesome privilege to be a worship leader in the local church. That role afforded me many opportunities to grow and develop the gift that God had given me but as I went along I began to realize that my role was not limited to the sphere of leading worship but that I was also called to be a leader of leaders! I had a very vivid dream or picture a few years back that was very simple to understand and implement in my own personal life. The picture I saw was that of a ladder and the top of the ladder just kept going upwards until it eventually disappeared into the clouds above. As a worship leader I was quite eager to climb the ladder and see where it would take me. I began with great gusto and enthusiasm to climb the ladder but as I reached about half way up the ladder I heard a voice beyond the clouds telling me to stop just where I was. It was quite strange, I was only half way up and there was still much climbing to be done. Soon. I noticed others begin to climb the ladder, they were a mixed bag of people; some were young, some old, guys, girls, people of all nationalities, colors, tribes and creeds were climbing up beneath me. My first thought was to get on with the climb because I had to get to the top before all these other people caught up. Then the voice spoke very clearly once again and the instructions were clear. The ladder was not the main event or the focus of my mission, all of those people coming up behind me where the main event and they were to become the the greatest focus of my mission! My role was changing, I was no longer to focus only on worship leading but also on developing, mentoring and training all of those who would come along behind me. As I reflect on this mission, I have had the incredible joy of seeing many leaders come up and the ladder, briefly stop on my rung and then through ongoing encouragement, relational investment, much prayer and practical equipping I was able to see them continue on upwards and onward towards the destiny and purpose that God had in mind for them even before they were born. Yes indeed, I truly consider myself a blessed and privileged child of my Abba Father!