As a gifted worship leader; Margaret loves any and every opportunity to lead people into life-transforming experiences with God. Her style of leadership is a wonderful blend of confident expectation in God’s ability to touch, heal and encourage people while also being sensitive to the diverse styles of the people that she had the privilege of leading. This leadership gift was no better exemplified that when she was asked to lead at the Global Day of Prayer event in the Scotiabank Saddledome Arena in the center of Calgary. Over 12,000 Christians from all expressions of the church in Calgary, came together for this memorable event of prayer, worship and encouragement. Seeing so many Christians fully engaged in corporate worship as one body was a clear demonstration of what Jesus meant when he said “we would be one”.

Margaret’s worship experiences have been many and varied over the years. She has had the privilege of working with other gifted worship leaders like Robin Mark, Brian Doerksen, Kent Henry, Steve Fry, and Lamar Boshman. Margaret’s abilities have developed in other directions as well; she has become a much sought after teacher and mentor in the areas of Worship and Spiritual Growth and has had many opportunities to speak and teach at various gatherings in Canada, U.S.A. and Ireland.

Margaret and her husband Richard birthed the vision for the Rivers of Worship equipping conferences which have been held in Calgary periodically over the past number of years. Some of the guest ministries that have helped make the conferences just a huge success have included Robin Mark, Paul Reid, Priscilla Reid, Will McFarlane and many others.

Margaret continues to live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband Richard. They have two children Chris and Meaghan and three wonderful grandkids; Audrielle, River & Elijah.